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Goodbye, London cast of The Phantom of the Opera, 2013-2014!

- Olivia Brereton (alternate Christine Daae)
- Sean Palmer (Raoul de Chagny)*
- Jeremy Secomb (Ubaldo Piangi and cover Phantom)
- Cat Lane (Meg Giry)
- Ashleigh Fleming (cover Christine)
- Antony Hansen (cover Raoul)

And welcome to the new cast members!

*Sean Palmer’s final date was actually August 23, 2014.


Wahnsinn! 100 Shows als Raoul!! ( X )

Hamburg u/s Raoul Oedo Kuipers celebrated 100 shows as Raoul today. he’s been on quite a bit because principal Raoul Nicky Wuchinger was injured this summer and was off for a month or so. I believe he’s still not fully recovered. 

Also this is my new khaki military style shirt. I might (read: 100% no doubt) still have an addiction to shirts.
[oops my face]

Also this is my new khaki military style shirt. I might (read: 100% no doubt) still have an addiction to shirts.

[oops my face]

Kim So Hyun & (I think) Ryu Jung Han - video uploaded by YouTube user Chi Yeol Kim, I do not own any content

Just cause I can’t really keep talking about how awesome her voice is then not let you listen - her voice is just so clear and beautiful and she sounds so effortless (and her little face is adorable the whole time too). The same YouTube user uploaded her and Yoon Young Seok singing the title song (at first I wasn’t sure it was her but I’m pretty sure it is) and her low notes just sound so different from the high it’s weird!

Also the infamous peformance of ‘Think of Me’ in the rooftop dress :)

I reblogged my Kim So Hyun photoset yesterday. I come back this morning and MAGICALLY IT HAS 72 EXTRA NOTES

I’m so glad that’s my most popular post she deserves the notes she’s freakin adorable and her voice is lovely!

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Okay everyone, your efforts got me all the way up to 2nd place (!!!), but now the serious voting period has started (and will continue until August 31st) and people are catching up to me, and I’ve already fallen to 3rd. Please please please, if you have a facebook account, just click this link and then click ‘like’ on my mask design.really want to be one of the winners so that my mask can be displayed in the Art of the Mask exhibit, and I would greatly appreciate your help in making that happen.

If you have a bit more time, it would also be really awesome if you checked out/voted for some of the other beautiful, creative entries that are getting far fewer votes than they deserve. Thank you so much! :) 


Kim So Hyun as Christine Daae

I keep seeing her in Anea’s photosets and thinking ‘God she’s adorable’ so I really just wanted to make her a photoset like some of my other ones. There are some beautiful quality photos from the Korean production as well so this turned out to be a fun thing to do. Kim So Hyun is one of those cute-as-a-button people, she looks sensational in costume.

I just really needed to reblog this after listening/ watching clips of her last night - it should be illegal to be so adorable AND have a voice of liquid gold.


Emmi will be wearing a blonde wig as Christine and Alicia a brunette wig as Meg. I’m excited!!!


Apparently the wig reversal for Emmi and Alicia has been confusing the spotlight guys during tech today. And Lisa Anne posted her in a blonde wig for the mirror bride on Instagram. I can’t wait for Monday!